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Dry needling is just another tool Physio’s can use to help calm a pain response and in turn relax muscular tissue. The theory behind dry needling is by inserting the needle into sensitised tissue, it can stimulate neural pathways which aim to relax the tissue. Another benefit is believed to be an increase in blood supply to the area, therefore improving the healing process.

Though Platform Physiotherapy uses Dry Needling, as a treatment alone it will often not fix your problem. Dry Needling needs to be used in conjunction with an active therapy/appropriate exercises to maintain the benefits you receive.

What we offer

Platform offer a wide variety of knowledge and skills in many areas of Physiotherapy. We are passionate about rehab and want to assist you in making a full recovery and achieving your goals. A few of the services we offer are listed below, and if you have any questions about whether we are the right physio for you, please get in touch!